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JM Hatchery LLC
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JM Hatchery LLC is a family business located in Lancaster County, PA. We pay special care and attention to our birds.
If you have questions about our birds, pricing, hatching schedules and availability, please contact us.

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    16 Responses to Contact Us

    • Samuel Rowe says:

      Best hatchery online.

    • Jan Croot says:

      Thank you fro three years of wonderful Guineas. We were overrun by grasshoppers, stripping the garden bare,. After three years of Guineas foraging, we have now run out of bugs. In August the Guineas began showing up in the afternoon hungry: no bugs left despite a HUGE area ot browse. The garden is thriving.

      So sadly I will not be ordering this year, but not because of concerns over your birds. Only because they did their job so well.

    • Tim Watters says:

      Are orders straight run? I don’t see any info on what is sent when orders are placed. We prefer female only since it seems every time we have ordered straight run we receive 85% male. Which pretty much sucks. Maybe it’s just our own bad luck

      • Joel Martin says:

        Unfortunately there is no one in the USA with the ability to sex guinea keets. Therefore, you will get a straight run. They hatch close to 50% male and female, so it all depends on how they get placed in boxes.

    • Gary Grossman says:

      Just wanted to let You know I raised the 21 FP Guinea keets into beautiful large birds.
      I received them April 15th and by mid July already got some small eggs from them. I’ve raised FP Guineas for over 40 years now. I’ve never had better than your’s. I will order 50 this spring because of Your fine breeding program. Thanks so much…GG

    • Babette Diprospero says:

      Just wanted let let you know our chicks arrived on time in great condition, my grandsons are so happy with them.Thank you !

    • jason donley says:

      Thank You my chicks arrived this morning. They are in great shape. Couldn’t be happier. The process was fast and easy.

    • Sheena Campbell says:

      I just wanted to let you know that I think your message of faith on your site is amazing. I have owned ducks, and chickens for years. When I decided I wanted to buy Silkie Bantams, I put a lot of research into it. I found JM Hatchery, and knew that the Silkies would be high quality. I had no idea, at the time, how amazing your family is. I will be so happy with my new Silkies. Thank you so much!

    • Dan C. Tillinghast says:

      I just wanted to take a moment to sing the praises of your birds. We tried last year to raise Guineas and started with 7. Up until the spring, we had one left. We named him JJ and he has yet to stray too far. My wife and I decided to give it another shot this year and decided to order from you. We placed the order early and got a shipping date of May 23rd. They arrived at our Post Office on Friday the 25th. We opened the box with a little bit of angst but behold, all 26 were alive and well.

      They were very feisty and ready to get started adapting to our — their new home. 5 Weeks later and 24 of the 26 are alive and well and thriving! The loss of the two was in no way the fault of J&M, it was a downright homicide conducted by one of our cats. He snuck into the room and actually grabbed three. Fortunately, the wife got back in time to rescue one of them. After that, we have a huge and healthy group.

      JJ has taken on the role of Uncle JJ to the keets and hopefully will be their mentor and trainer. So far, so good. They seem to like him and vice versa. Just wanted to let everyone know that J&M is a very reputable and professional company that I am glad we chose. If you are looking for healthy birds and awesome customer service, PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY — HERE!!!

      Dan and Amy, Benson, NC

    • Purchased 100 guineas a few weeks ago and they arrived extremely healthy and vibrant. I live in California and just put in an order for 200 more! Very pleased with this hatchery!

    • Mike Kollar says:

      our keets arrived yesterday, they all survived the trip. Thank you for your excellent service

    • Brent Mollendor says:

      Got my 204 French Guinea Keets in this morning all alive and well. Thanks for the great service.

    • Lisa M says:

      I bought keets last year and was very pleased.
      I will be buying more again this year.

    • Cary Moran says:

      Wanted to let you know all 7 keets I picked up a littke over a week ago are doing great! The little albino guy is slightly smaller than the otgers but on target w feathering thats coming in and is active, eating great and part of the crew. I believe he will do perfectly fine. Thank you fir ebtrusting him into our care. We love these little guys!

    • Ralph and Grace Doolittle says:

      We very much appreciate your statement of faith and know God will bless you for it. John 5:24

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