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Your order of keets, chicks or Khaki Campbell ducklings will be packaged and sent Priority Mail by the USPS immediately after the birds are hatched. Muscovy duckling orders will be shipped by USPS Express Mail.

We carefully box our birds according to the season so they will have the best chance to survive the weather conditions. We care about our birds and want them to arrive in good condition. We add 2% extra to each order to make sure you get the number of live birds you ordered.

Be sure you inspect the birds carefully. We guarantee that the birds will arrive alive. If not, they will be replaced.

We provide Drop Shipment of orders for hatcheries. Contact us for information, pricing and availability.

Delivery charges can be determined using the chart below.  Please note – delivery charges are subject to USPS price changes, therefore, delivery rates are subject to change at any time.

Boxed Keets
Boxed Chicks

18 Responses to Delivery Information

  • Tori Doucette says:

    Do you ship keets or eggs to Canada. Looking for 1 dozen.

    • Joel Martin says:

      Hello Tori,
      We do not ship into Canada, however, we do have Canadian customers who will have their order shipped to a USA post office close to the border. We provide the health papers necessary to cross the border for $100 and it is the responsibility of the customer to actually take the birds across the border. Because of the cost of the health papers, it is not very practical for you to make a purchase for only a dozen eggs.

      JM Hatchery

  • Ashley Fowler says:

    I am interested in getting 15 keets, i wanted more info in the shipping, if they ship on June 10th? how soon before they will arrive in port leyden ny? also how much is express shipping?

  • kasia says:

    Hi Joel Martin
    I am interested in getting 10 or 15 White Bantam Silkie Chicks.
    My question`s :
    Do you give a 100% guarantee that ,I did not get a rooster ?
    I’m only interested of hens , I live in a place where I am not allowed to keep a rooster 🙁 sadly
    Do you take the order`s anytime ?
    If I am ordering them around Sept. 20 -29 how long I will wait for my order.?(zone 1)
    Do you also have for sale older hens?
    Thank you so much sincerely K

    • Joel Martin says:

      I am sorry but we cannot sex the silkies, therefore, we cannot guarantee sending you only females. We take orders year round for all our birds and most times the wait time until we ship is anywhere from 1-3 weeks. We cannot ship any birds other than day old chicks, however if you can pick up the birds, we can sell you the older hens.

  • Mysterious says:

    Where is Jm haterchery?

  • ivonne says:

    Hi. Puerto Rico is not included in your shipping zones?

    • Joel Martin says:

      I’m sorry, but our website in unable to handle shipping to PR. However, we do ship to PR on a regular basis. Please call our office at 717 354 5950 to place your order to PR.

  • Tahara Delewski says:

    I am wondering if you are able to order fewer keets and order chicks from freedom hatchery and have them shipped together? Thank you.

  • Paul says:

    Are you able to ship to Southern California at this time?

  • Nestor says:


    Do you ship to Puerto Rico (a US territory)??


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