Owners: Joel & Martha Martin
Hatches:Guinea Keets

Joel & Marti MartinJM Hatchery LLC is a family owned and operated hatchery located in south central Pennsylvania. They have been raising guinea keets since the 1980s and started the hatchery in the late 1990s. The hatchery is NPIP certified and they strive to produce the strongest and healthiest birds on the market. They are the only hatchery in the USA that hatches guineas every week of the year. They ship to every state in the USA plus Puerto Rico.

For a time JM Hatchery LLC produced guinea keets, Freedom Ranger broiler chicks, Muscovy ducks, Khaki Campbell ducks, and bantam silkie chicks. As the business grew (and as they grew older and busier), they started passing on aspects of the business to the next generation. JM Hatchery LLC is still hatching the guineas on the home farm and also taking mail orders for the silkies. The Freedom Rangers, however are now hatched and sold by their daughter and son in law at Freedom Ranger Hatchery, Inc. The duck lines have been passed on to another daughter and son in law at Fifth Day Farm, Inc.

Freedom Ranger Hatchery
Owners: Kendall & Ginger Fox
Hatches: Freedom Ranger Broilers

Fox FamilyFreedom Ranger Hatchery is a family-owned and operated hatchery located in Lancaster County, PA. Owners Kendall & Ginger Fox started the business to expand the offerings of JM Hatchery LLC, owned by Ginger’s father Joel Martin. Kendall first began hatching chickens as an employee for JM Hatchery LLC in 2005.

Kendall and his wife Ginger started hatching silkie chicks in their two-car detached garage with the intent of eventually moving into a bigger facility. That happened in August 2007, when Kendall moved the operation to its current location and started hatching the Freedom Ranger Broilers. In April of 2009, Freedom Ranger Hatchery was incorporated under the name Freedom Ranger Hatchery, Inc.

Freedom Ranger Hatchery maintains its own breeding stock of our Freedom Ranger and GMO Free Parent chickens. Our family farm is dedicated to traditional, sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming methods that produce high-quality chickens for our customers.

Kendall and Ginger have five wonderful children who they treasure as a gift from the Lord. They are believers in and followers of our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God who will someday be revealed as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


Owners: Stephen & Sonya Horst
Hatches: Khaki Campbell & Muscovy Ducks & Geese

Fifth Day Farms, an NPIP certified hatchery, began in 2008 to handle the hatching of the Khaki Campbell and White Muscovy ducks, originally done at JM Hatchery LLC. Stephen joined the family business in 2010, first working with his father-in-law, Joel Martin at JM Hatchery. As the hatchery expanded, Stephen was able to establish a new location to hatch the ducks, freeing up space at JM Hatchery LLC and establishing a business for he and his wife Sonya.

Stephen grew up on a dairy farm and has a lifelong love of animals. Before joining the family business, Stephen worked as a carpenter in the construction industry. He and his wife Sonya have 4 children.

Blue Banty Farm
Owners: Rodney & Crystal Moser
Hatches: Bantam Silkies

Moser FamilyBlue Banty Farm is an NPIP certified hatchery owned and operated by Rodney & Crystal Moser. Rodney started out his career as a mason, following in his father’s footsteps. After 15 years doing masonry, Rodney saw an opportunity to help in the expansion of JM Hatchery LLC and own his own business. Rodney first began working with Crystal’s father at JM Hatchery LLC hatching silkie and guinea chicks. As the business expanded and JM Hatchery LLC began to run out of room, Rodney was able to open his own hatchery to handle the silkies in 2013.

Rodney & Crystal are blessed with 2 children adopted from China.

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